Pheasant Run, Port Orange - Complete Pool Screen Repair

Complete Pool Screen Repair & Pressure Cleaning in Port Orange, FL.  Service also included permanent installation of Gutter Splash Guards. 

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What started as a standard complete re-screen & pressure cleaning, ended up with a nice update to an existing problem.  All complete re-screens include a Pressure Cleaning, and your choice of Phifer screen. Phiferglass 18x14 mesh, used here, is our standard.  We also replaced any broken bolts, all the Support Cables, the Door Hardware Kits, & adjusted the doors for proper operation.

This pool screen enclosure also had a problem common with a lot of other screen rooms.  Rain water washing over the gutters, especially in a heavy down pour.  Solution, permanent Gutter Splash guards.  There are a few ways to accomplish this, and many times a simple piece of bent aluminum will sufficient.  However for larger areas, a more permanent solution should be considered.

Our solution is to install kick-plate, just as we would around the base of your enclosure, only we install it along the gutter / roof line.  Seal it up with some caulk, and your waterfall became a Not-erfall.  This eliminates any leaf and debris traps that typically come with an external 'flashing' type of splash guard.

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