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Complete Pool Screen Repair & Pressure Cleaning in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL

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This was a typical complete re-screen of a pool enclosure.  The screens were 15 years old, covered in green, and full of holes.  After we pressure cleaned the aluminum enclosure, we replaced the outdated cross braces on the screen enclosure roof.  We updated them to a solid box 2"x 2" aluminum (up from a open backed, flimsy 1"x 2" aluminum piece) and moved them inside, removing them from their ugly leaf catching position on top of the screen.

The entire pool screen enclosure was then re-screened in new Phiferglass 18x14 mesh insect screen & spline.  We replaced any broken bolts, missing screws, all of the Support Cables, the Door Hardware Kits, and adjusted the doors for proper operation.

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