Andover Cay, Orlando. Kick-Plate & Screen Repair

Pressure Cleaning, Screen Repairs, & Aluminum Kick-plate Installation in Andover Cay, near Waterford Lakes, Orlando.  

At this property there were several torn and damaged screen panels, mostly along the bottom.  Someone had previously installed plastic lattice over top of the screen, besides being poorly installed, it was in terrible shape.  Other common problems included broken concrete bolts, poorly working doors, and loose support cables.  The new homeowners called us in to fix the problems.

After we removed all the damaged screens, a thorough pressure cleaning of the screen patio was done.  We then installed new 16" aluminum kick-plate along the entire base of the screen enclosure, and replaced all damaged screens.  New Door hardware and Support Cables were installed and adjusted, and when all the work was complete the homeowners were delighted to have a patio that was safe for his pets to come outside and roam in.