Grand Haven, Palm Coast. Lanai Screen Repair

A quick patio roof screen repair Southlake Drive, Palm Coast in Grand Haven.  The roof panel on this patio had torn away and was now letting debris fall inside the screen porch.

What is not visible from the ground is that the old installer did not install the roof panels all individually.  They were installed in a "Run" along the main roof beams.  That means there is no spline the cross beams (or Purlins), and the screen is one piece from the roof of the house, over the top, to the back wall of the screen room.  

Luckily this is a small enclosure and we don't have to replace 4 or 5 panels for one damaged screen which is a common scenario on larger enclosures, and could end up on yours, if you hire the wrong installer.  In short order we removed the damaged screens and properly installed new Phifer Screen in its place, allowing the homeowner to regain their clean, and bug free screen porch.