Fanwood Ct, Palm Coast. Pool Screen Repair

This job is an example of poor workmanship coming back to haunt you.  A previous repair done by another company was poor at best, and was destined to fail.


For starters they "Ran" the roof screen panels in one long sheet along the roof beams, and did not spline the cross members (purlins).   So instead of repairing only one or 2 damaged panels, we have to replace all 4.  

The next shortcoming was the spline they used, It Was The Old Spline!!!  Instead of using new spline (which any good service company has on their truck in 1000' rolls), they simply re-used the old, dried out shrunk up hard as a rock, spline.  It would have been easier to put in new spline!

We quickly removed the old damaged screens and used spline replacing it with new Phiferglass 18/14 mesh screen, and New spline.  We properly installed all 4 panels individually to ensure a long lasting, proper repair.

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