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Pool, Patio, & Lanai
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Pool, Patio, & Lanai

Screen Repair

When accidents happen and screens become damaged, we are here to help. From single panels, to door hardware, and minor aluminum repairs.

Complete Re-Screen

Includes all new Phifer Screen & Spline, New door Hardware, Cables, and a Pressure Cleaning.

Pressure Cleaning

Tired of Green screen & aluminum? We will come out and clean your enclosure and deck. While not all pine needles will come out, debris removal is available

Screen Doors

New Installations, screen repair, & hardware. Replace broken/missing hardware including hinges, handles, latches, locks, automatic closer, kick-plate, & more

Aluminum & Kick-plate Installations

Enclose your existing porch, patio, or lanai with screen.
Install kick-plate around your enclosure.
Repair / Replace Damaged Aluminum or Hardware including door hardware, support cables and broken screws / bolts.
Stainless Steel Fasteners Available.

Pet Doors & Pet Screen

Phifer Pet Screen is designed to withstand punishment from the biggest dogs, and sharpest cat claws. Pair that with a Pet Door, and your sure to have a screen room you and your pets will enjoy.

Outdoor Life

We love our screen enclosures here in Florida, they are everywhere. They cover most in-ground pools, and many more houses, condos, and apartments have a screened porch, patio, or lanai, maybe even with a grill or outdoor kitchen. These enclosures provide shelter from insects & other bugs, leaves, pine needles & lawn debris, wild animals, and more. This leads to a cleaner pool and a more enjoyable outdoor space to cook or relax.

Screen 101

Pool, Patio, or Lanai Screens should last you 10 years or more, however as they age, they are less able to withstand stresses or accidents and will damage easier as time goes on.
Standard Insect Screen is made from a woven fiberglass mesh that is coated in PVC Vinyl. When your screens are new they are strong and flexible (it comes on a roll). During the first few years they are still a little flexible but as they are exposed to the sun, they begin to dry out.
After about 7-8 years you may see a little silvering of the screen in areas. This is where the vinyl has evaporated or "cooked off", allowing the fiberglass strands to start showing through. At this point your screens may still last for years, but you may find missing or damaged screens occurring more frequently.

We Can Help

Your screen may have become damaged for many reasons. Cats, Dogs, or other animals have clawed or run through them. Other natural causes such as wind, tree branches, or storm damage. Human error including pool or lawn equipment mishaps.
Damaged screens allow for the intrusion of pests and debris, quickly leading to a messy pool or patio, and bugs or animals attracted to you or your grill. Whatever the reason we we are here to help you fix it quickly, & Correctly.

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Complete Screen Repair

The average lifespan of screen is 10-15 years. You may get more, you may get less. If your screen's are getting old and starting to fail more repeatedly you should consider replacing all the screen at one time or you may be calling us more often.

New Phifer Screen & Spline

We replace every panel on your screen room with new Phifer Screen.
Charcoal (Black) 18x14 mesh is the Standard, but we also have available 20x20 "No-see-em" Screen, Sun Screen, Pet Screen, & Florida Glass Privacy Screen

New Door Hardware

Door Hardware Kits include the Handles & Latch-plate, Automatic Closer w/ Mountings, and a Bug-sweep on every door.
If you need new hinges or a kick-plate replaced, we will replace as necessary, then adjust all doors for proper operation.

New Support Cables

We replace all support cables on your pool enclosure. Very rarely are they in good shape or salvageable.
The Diagonal support Cables are vital to your Screen Enclosures strength. They help keep the Roof of your Enclosure firmly strapped to the Ground and limit its side to side movements in high winds.

Loose or Broken Screws, Bolts, & Aluminum

Many times Bolts and screws rust and break. Braces fall down or aluminum gets damaged.
Loose Aluminum will be reattached, remounted, or reinforced as needed. This includes the Base, Side Walls, Roof Beams, Cross beams, etc.

Pressure Cleaning & Cleanup

We give your screen enclosure a complete pressure cleaning prior to installation.
We remove all of the old screening debris for proper recycling & disposal. No leaving piles of screen and trash at the curb all week for the trash company to pick up.

Patio Frame In

Enclose your Existing Patio in Aluminum & Screen

Aluminum Colors

New Aluminum Frame in your choice of White or Bronze enamel finish.

Phifer Screen

18x14 mesh is the Standard, but we also have available 20x20 "No-see-em" Screen, Sun Screen, Pet Screen, & Florida Glass Privacy Screen

New Door Hardware

Choose how many screen door's you want and where to put them and which way they open. All screen doors are installed with a bug sweep & 1" high threshold.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

We use 410 Stainless Steel Screws and Concrete Bolts coated in White or Bronze on all of our New Installations.

Aluminum Kick-plate

Optional Aluminum Kick-plate around the Base. Common height is 16". Additional standard sizes are also available.

Portfolio - Pool, Patio, & Lanai

Phifer Screen

Phiferglass 18/14


Mesh Size: 18x14 (Threads per square inch)
Color: Charcoal (Black)


  • Excellent Strength, Visibility, & Air-Flow
  • Durable. Will not Rust, Stain, or Corrode

Common Uses

Its our standard use screen, good for almost any application
Pool, Patio, & Lanai Screen Enclosures, Windows, Garage Screens, Screen Doors, and more.

20/20 "No-See-Em" Screen


Mesh Size: 20x20 (Threads per square inch)
Color: Charcoal (Black)


  • Excellent Strength, Visibility & Airflow
  • Increased insect & pine needle protection

Protects against

Designed to keep out some of the smallest insects, most notably "No-See-Em's", 20/20 mesh screen also has a good track record at resisting pine needle intrusion.

Florida Glass Privacy Screen

What is it?

Translucent Laminated Screen designed for privacy. It is 18/14 Phiferglass that has been laminated.


Generally designed for use on your bottom panels (below the chair-rail) or side walls for privacy, or to keep dirt and debris outside.

Other Uses

While not specifically designed for installation on roof panels, it is an accepted practice to protect against rain, or sun.

Phifer Pet Screen


Mesh Size: 17x10 (Threads per square inch)
Color: Charcoal (Black)


Constructed from a polyester mesh with a heavy duty PVC coating, Pet Screen is 7 times stronger than regular screen.


Designed for use your Bottom screen panels (below the chair-rail), its good for pets as well as any active pool environment where screens may be easily damaged by activity in the pool or on the patio

Phifer Sun Screen


Colors: White or Charcoal (Black)
Up to 70% Sun Block


  • Reduced Heat & Glare
  • Increased daytime privacy
  • excellent outward visibility


Sun Screen limits the amount of light passing through, reducing heat gain by reflecting or absorbing up to 70% of the suns light.
Commonly seen on Garage Screen Doors, it can also be used on Windows, Screen Doors, and Screen Enclosures


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